miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

What you can expect from this course

There are two main aspects of this course, the knowledge and the inner experience.

During the course you will  get the knowledge of the subtle system, the chakras, nadis, and the different techniques to clear and balance our inner being. This knowledge is absolute and through different sensations that you will feel in your nerves you will get the proof in your central nervous system.

When the source of this knowledge is through the awakening of your chakras and nadis it will  transform your own being and the way you perceive the world and yourself. This is what we want to share through this course, the living knowledge that transforms our being and not anything that you can learn from any book or any teaching.

The second aspect of this course is the experience. This is actually the most important part of the course as only this will help you to achieve the living knowledge. But before you get the experience we will provide you with the knowledge of the inner being through different talks and videos. This is just a little guide to help you go ahead before you have the real experience.

This course is based in the energy that resides in every human being. As this is a living energy, you will get the inner peace and joy that you are looking for in a very spontaneous manner. You will get the experience of the complete satisfaction and awareness. The only important point to take into consideration is to approach  the meditation with a very open mind and not to try to control or achieve the meditative state by yourself.  It's something natural, something spontaneous that will happen by itself. Your own inner being which has all the powers to balance yourself is going to manifest by itself.

Let it happen...

Trust your inner being completely..

You are ready...

You can get the experience...