1st class-Self Realization


The subtle system within us has seven main chakras and three channels of energy.  The energy Kundalini resides in our sacrum bone and the atma is in our heart. The awakening of our Kundalini through the central channel and her flow through the chakras is what we call the self realization. It is the beginning of a new awareness where we start experiencing our subtle being.

The chakras and nadis are the base and the roots of the central nervous system. The left channel or "ida nadi" is related to the left sympathetic nervous system, the right channel or "pingala nadi" is related to the right sympathetic nervous system and the central channel or "sushumna nadi" is related to the parasympathetic nervous system.  The seven chakras are related to the seven nervous plexus along the spinal cord.

Any imbalance or any disturbance in the chakras or nadis will cause problems in the central nervous system, in our body and in our mind. In the same way if we manage to get a state of balance in our subtle system, our central nervous system, our body and our mind will get also the state of balance and any problem or disease could be cured.

The different chakras control the subplexus and the organs that are connected to them. Also they are the source of different qualities of our personality. Any deficiency in any of the chakras will cause the deficiency in our personality. When the chakras are awakened and evolved the qualities start manifesting in us and this make us evolve to higher states of awareness. 

Every chakra has a connection with a particular fingertip so that when the energy Kundalini starts moving in the central nervous system and passing through the chakras, we can feel the state of the different chakras in our fingertips and in different parts of our hands. Any problem or imbalance  will be reflected as tickling in a particular fingertip. 

When we practice the meditation we can use this experience of feeling the state of our chakras to work on the chakras which need it. Is important to learn these connections to help ourselves to achieve the state of balance.
In this first class just be aware of those feelings in your hands and learn the chakras that are related to the hands.


The first video of this course is "The Vision" where you get a general  idea of the beginning of this meditation and a brief story of its founder, H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. 


The first meditation is the self realization, where we help with our hands to balance the chakras to awaken the energy Kundalini. Just let it  flow, and experience the peace an joy of your inner being.

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